Dunrobin Collies Welcomes You

A  beautify puppy like this is now available.

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DUNROBIN COLLIES (dunrobin2@aol.com) located in northeastern Wisconsin came to be in 1978 after 10 years of breeding and showing Shetland Sheepdogs. The magnificent beauty and mellow temperament of the Rough Collie won us over. There probably is not a more beautiful canine face than that of a correct Collie. When you add a glorious coat on a well built body, it is a sight to behold. Brains, herding ability, and a loving personality make the Collie a trusted friend and companion pet. Lassie stories are loved because people can believe them. Collie charisma sets them apart.  Visit and you will find out.


Put Collie love in your life!

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